Dirty Beach are Brighton-based artists Chloe Hanks and Lou McCurdy. The name is a nod to "saucy" seaside postcards of yesteryear and typifies the humour and satire that characterises their work.

"Get Lucky" bags, containing random plastic items collected from beaches within 5 minutes, one of the TruCost Super-M-Art product ranges.

From initially exhibiting individual works under the name "Dirty Beach", the artists began develop an installation concept - an immersive, fully-fitted "supermarket" that mimics the visual language of large modern retailers but stocks only plastic items recovered from beaches.

Dirty Beach artists McCurdy and Hanksy. Photo by Amanda Jackson for "One Planet City" in partnership with FotoDocument, an exhibition for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

The aim of the project is to inspire awareness around marine pollution using humour, irreverence and mimicry to create an installation that is simultaneously provocative and popular, accessible yet surreal.

Panoramic image of TruCost Super-M-Art at ONCA Gallery, 2013

A truly collaborative project, Tru-Cost Super-M-Art has benefitted from the help of foremost experts in marine plastic pollution (Dr Richard Thompson of Plymouth University) and sustainability (Cat Fletcher, Freegle). The list of project partners is extensive and includes the National Trust, Marine Conservation Society and The Roddick Foundation. The work is rooted in science and sustainability and reflects our combined backgrounds and passion for art, graphic design, branding and education. We always welcome opportunities to collaborate.

Plastic debris in situ on beaches in and around Brighton

We like to create popular, provocative and witty work that focuses on the social and environmental challenges of plastics and throwaway culture. A keenness to collaborate has given us project partners to work alongside including scientists, farmers, and growers, waste gurus, campaign and community groups and NGOs. The Dirty Beach Facebook page has become a valuable resource on marine plastics as well as a vibrant international community.

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